• 04/26/16: AFTER THE MENOPAUSE: 4 solutions to painful sex
  • The life expectancy of an average South African women is 65years.This means that a woman may spend about one third of her life living in the menopause. Some women choose to take hormone replacement therapy during this time. For many women, they cannot do so. Reasons could be: Previous personal, or family history of breast… View Article

  • FACT: about one in four sexually active woman will suffer from stress urinary incontinence (leaking urine) at some point in their lives…. This problem can be very embarrassing and can severely affect your quality of life…. Many women do not seek medical treatment… due to embarrassment…lack of knowledge …or fear that treatment will require surgery……. View Article

  • 04/14/16: Vaginal laser: focus on vaginal rejuvenation
  • Innovation in medical care occurs at an astounding rate. Nowhere is this more apparent than with laser technology. This new application is set to disrupt the field of treatment of urinary and vaginal problems in gynaecology! When I was first introduced to the new Er:Yag laser machine ,I had difficulty containing my excitement…the possibilities were… View Article

  • 04/04/16: GETTING MOTIVATED: 6 point “starter pack”
  • Jodi zulberg Jodi Zulberg is an active mother of three boys. When she is not competing in an international World Championship triathlon, she works her magic at home, in the fitness industry. She is a hydrotherapist, spinning instructor, sports nutritionist, specialist strength and fitness trainer, life coach and cognitive behavioural therapist. So far, some of… View Article